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Online Tutoring


India is known for its technology outsourcing, but did you kow that you can outsource tutoring too. I came across this interesting service of one-on-one online tutoring. From the comfort of their home, students can get tutored in Maths and Science using thier computer and internet. The concept is both interesting, very economical, and also highly effective. This service can be very useful for busy parents and their children.

I had a demo of their service and it seems pretty interesting. Please visit Excellez to get more details.

Saddam Hussein Beach in India

Saddam Hussein, was finally executed on Dec 29, 2006 in Iraq and is currently one of the most discussed topics all around the world. While reading some of the articles and other history on the man, I was rather surprised to come across the Saddam Beach in India. Yes, there is a beach name after Saddam Hussein in Kerala India. Saddam Beach is a fishing village in the Malappuram district of the Indian state of Kerala. The village is made up of a two kilometre (1¼ mi) coastal belt between Puthenkadapuram and Kettungal in Parappanangadi. The village is named after former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, in an act of solidarity during the 1991 Gulf War.

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Dog Flowers

Dog Flowers
Dog Flowers
Someone sent me these images.  These are flowers that have been arranged as dogs. Very creative work. You can view more here.

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India Car Portals


With the number of middle class people in India increasing, there is an increasing demand for automobiles or cars in India. Starting with the smaller Maruti Suzuki and the Santro, to the luxury cars such as the Benz, BMW and Audi, people in India are buying cars like never before. Some of the top sites are listed below

These portals provide a ton of information on buying new and used cars in India, getting a car loan in India, renting a car in India among other things.  Let me know if you find other sites that are useful.  Please check the India Auto RSS feeds on this site.


Logo Origins


Have you ever wonder why the Green Bay Packers are called the Packers or how the Nike logo was designed?  Is there a subliminal message in the Fedex Logo? Well, I did have those questions and in my quest for this information, I have found some interesting information on the orgins of various logos. I hope you find this section of the website interesting. You can start by clicking the links below