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Football Commentary - US Style


Americans like to be different from the rest of the world and the World Cup football (excuse me!! Soccer) tournament in progress, I found it interesting how the TV commentary differs from what I am normally used to.  Some of the terms used are described below

  •  Soccer - the rest of the world calls it Football but Americans call it Soccer.  The term football is used for the sport of American Football.
  •  Double Team - A term derived from basketball, where two players corner or defend one player. I dont think there is an equivalent term in football.


  •  Out of Bounds - A term again derived from basketball, when the ball goes outside the playing field.
  •  Assist - A term used in many sports in the US. An assist is a recognition awarded to the player who passes the ball to the player who scores.
  •  Shutdown - A term used when an offensive player is unable to score upto his expectations because the defense of the opposition has not allowed the player to score.
  •  Shut Out - A term used when a team does not score any point.
  •  Steal - Another term very commonly used in Basketball when a player from the opposition takes away the ball from a player.