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Tibbs Frankie


 For a lot of us who have grown up in Mumbai, the mention of the word "Frankie" probably evokes a lot of  memories. Going to Shivaji Park and eating a Mutton Frankie was part of my life growing up in Mumbai. Tibbs Frankie was probably available only in Mumbai and this time, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Tibbs Frankie Stall at FoodWorld on MG Road in Bangalore. 

 So what is the Tibbs Frankie?

The Frankie is a basically a chappati roll with different fillings for mutton, chicken and vegetarian. The secret to its success is apparently the masala sprinkled on the Frankie. The Masala and the Tibbs Frankie Recipe is a closely guarded secret like Colonel  Sander's KFC formula or Coca Cola's formula. There is a history behind how the Frankie came into being.

In 1967 Mr. Amarjit Tibb on returning back from England had a stopover in Beirut. During his brief stop there he stumbled upon a very ingenious Lebanese preparation, which was a pita bread wrap, with a variety of stuffing's, this fascinated him. Upon his return the idea still lingered on and he kept innovating it to suit the Indian palate, after a year of research along with his wife they hit upon the perfect concoction. This Indianised wrap was soon tried among friends and family and after testing brilliantly it hit the markets. Thus the Frankie was born.

I love the Frankie and now thats its available in Bangalore, it will be a part of my diet once again.