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Vitamin Water for Dogs


America is probably the biggest market for wierd products. This is the latest in a line of many products. Vitamin water for dogs. A California based company is selling this product. The name of the company is called K9 Water Company. The water is offered in four mouth-watering flovors

  •  Toilet Water
  •  Gutter Water
  • Puddle Water and
  • Hose Water.


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Announcing the Birth of our son, Nikhil

Baby Nikhil
Baby Nikhil
Anu and I would like to announce the birth of our son, Nikhil. He was born on the 15th of February. He weighed 8 pounds and has 21 inches tall.  He has been doing well so far. Who ever came up with the phrase "Sleeping like a baby", not a parent for sure.

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India Travel and Tourism

 Videsh.com is a new travel and tourism site launched by me.  The site will have India travel and tourism information alongwith travel and tourism information to destinations outside India. At this point, the site offers some content and the ability to buy travel guides to India, but soon, you will be able to make online hotel bookings as well.

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History of Logos

I recently made some changes to my site which has caused the hyperlinks to be renamed. If you are here from a search engine like Google, you may be looking for one of the following.

Car Logos

IT Logos - Sun, Apple, Cisco etc

All Other logos - Nike, McDonalds etc

Visit the History of Logos section to see all.  I hope you will find the information you were looking for here.

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Design and History of Car Logos

I have added a new category to the Logo section of the website. This new category will cover the design and history of car logos such as the Ferrari logo etc. Over the next few weeks, I will add new car logos to this website on a regular basis, starting with the Ferrari logo.

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