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Seattle Space Needle Logo - Design and History

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The Space Needle is Seattle is a landmark is Seattle. The Space Needle is a tower that measures about 605 ft from its base to the tip. The Space Needle was built in 1962. I was intrigued by the logo of the Space Needle on a recent trip to Seattle.


The logo consists of an S at the top which represents Seattle. The top part of the  S is smaller that the bottom part of the S to represent the shape of  the tower itself. The top of the S also has a pointed needle. Two strokes of the brush are present at the bottom of the S to represent the tower. The text "space needle" is written in lower case on either side of the logo. I felt this is a very creative logo.

In the gift store, I found various versions of the logo. Some of different colors,
including the US flag. The Space Needle itself sometimes paints the logos of other
teams and events on its roof top as a mark of its support.

The Space Needle is also a part of other team logos such as the Seattle Supersonics
and the Seattle Storm.  

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