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Yonex Logo Design

Yonex Logo Design

Yonex Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of sporting equipment for badminton, golf and tennis, producing racquets, clubs, shoes, shuttlecocks, and other equipment for those sports.The company was founded in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama as a producer of wooden floats for fishing nets.  The company was later forced out of this market because of the invention of plastic floats. In 1957, Yoneyama began to make badminton racquets for other brands. Over the years, the company has grown to be world's biggest badminton company. Despite it's shrinking market share in badminton, Yonex remains the biggest badminton company in the world. Yonex provides clothing for numerous national badminton associations around the world, such as the Malaysian Badminton Association, Badminton Scotland, Badminton England, Badminton Ireland and Badminton Wales.

The Yonex logo has always intrigued me in the simplicity of its design. The logo effectively uses the triangle and the circle shapes to create a YY for Yonex (or perhaps Yoneyama). The triangle with the circle at the bottom could also be thought of as the shuttle used in the game of badminton, but maybe that's my imagination. The standard logo is set on a blue and green background with white text but I have also seen a black and white logo as well. The YY logo is also very distinct on the badminton & tennis racquets as well.

Growing up, it was a dream to own a Yonex badminton racquet. I still love the logo after all these years.

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