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Autism Speaks Logo - Design and History

 Image I was in the Toys 'R Us the other day when I was asked for a donation to support research on Autism. The logo of Autism Speak certainly caught me eye. Autism is classified by the World Health Organization and American Psychological Association as a developmental disability that results from a disorder of the human central nervous system . It is diagnosed using specific criteria for impairments to social interaction, communication, interests, imagination and activities.

The Autism Speaks logo is a jigsaw piece puzzle that also looks like a toddler sitting up. The jigsaw piece represents the goal of the organization to solve the puzzle of autism. I was unable to find more information on the logo but I liked the design a lot.  I also liked the line "Its time to listen" that goes with "Autism Speaks".  Overall I think its a very creative logo.

Autism Speaks is a New York City-based advocacy organization, founded in February 2005 by Bob Wright and his wife Suzanne, to improve public awareness about autism and to promote autism research . Bob Wright is the Vice Chairman of General Electric.The Wrights founded Autism Speaks a year after their grandson, Christian, was diagnosed with autism, in order to help find a cure for autistic spectrum disorders. Autism Speaks has drawn considerable interest from autism activists, the media, and others for its extensive lobbying and fund raising, spearheaded by the Wrights on behalf of the many children and families greatly affected by the disorder.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autism

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