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New Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Logo Design


The 2010 Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in New Delhi, India between 3 October and 14 October 2010. I happened to stumble upon the logo and wanted to find the meaning behind the various elements in the logo. You can clearly see that the logo is inspired by the Chakra.

The Chakra is the national symbol of freedom, unity and power and is also found on the Indian Flag. The Chakra spiralling upwards apparently depicts the growth of India into a proud, vibrant nation. As the Chakra emerges, you can also see the the elements in the Chakra turn into people, which I suppose represents everyone involved in the games from the athletes, organizers and the host nation. The games also are going to promote a "Green" theme which may be why the Chakra ends in green. The entire logo also appears to be in the shape of a torch and flame (it may be my imagination).    

The bottom of the logo has a tagline of "Come out and play" which is an invitation to everyone to get involved and participate to the best of their abilities in the true spirit of the games. Also at the bottom of the logo, you can find a three-pointed structure which is the logo of the Commonwealth Games Foundation (CGF) also known as the Bar and the 'W'. The three points of the "W" stand for Humanity, Equality and Destiny. The CGF logo  strives to express the core values of the Commonwealth itself, which seeks to unify humanity, promote equality and give all athletes a chance to realise their destiny at the Commonwealth Games.

The color palette for Games 2010 logo bring together two of the idiosyncratic colors of the Commonwealth Games Emblem. Some of the colors widely used in the Commonwealth Games 2010 logo are:

Green: The tint that represents verve, vigor and energy also symbolize the fact that CWG 2010 will be the foremost Green Games. With high-spirits the color motivates to move in a forward direction, encountering every challenge and conquering obstacles with vivacity and zest.

Purple: Merging the unwavering and soothing facets of blue with the magical features of pink, this color gratifies the desire for encouragement, while adding a tinge of ambiguity and thrill.

Red, Yellow & Blue: Symbolizing the 'Trinity of Values', these three Commonwealth Games colors coalesce compassion (Red), endorsing parity (Blue) and providing various prospects to the sportspersons to comprehend their fates (Yellow).

Pink: This color has been used in the CWG color palette to include a component of revelation and opulence to the Games logo. The color truly symbolizes the magnificent beauty of India and its enthusiastic crowd.

Overall I like the logo and it has an Indian touch to it. It may be too big with the tag line and everything else but the core logo is really pretty.

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The Complete Logo

Source : http://www.cwgdelhi2010.org/Template3.aspx?pageid=P:1029

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