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Adwords Tip #2 - Advertise to right geography

How many times have you been to a site and seen a Google ad that was completely irrelevant to where you lived or worse, clicked on an ad and found that you are not eligible for the offer or promo because of the place where you live. Quite a few advertisers create Ads and target them to globally or nationally when their real audience is much smaller. 

When creating an Adwords Campaign, you can specify which geographical location the ad should be displayed. The Adwords wizard shown the image below allows you to drill down to Country-> State -> Region -> City as you can see from the image below. The wizard allows me target United States -> California->Los Angeles-Acton. 


Lets look at some examples below

Take a look at the example below. The page is about the Los Angeles Lakers and one of the potential ads is to buy tickets for a Lakers game.The target audience would typically be people in the Los Angeles area, possibly Southern California, possibly California and very small set of people living in rest of USA/Canada. However you can see from the 2nd image below, one of the advertisers is showing the ad to buy Lakers tickets in New Zealand. How many Lakers fans are there in New Zealand who will fly in to LA to watch a game? A wild rush I imagine especially with the cost of tickets these days? 



Lesson: If you are running an Adwords campaign, think hard about where your target audience is located geographically.  

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