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Bhanot Neerja

Image Neerja Bhanot (September 7, 1964 - September 5, 1986) was an Indian flight attendant for Pan Am airlines who was killed by terrorists in 1986.Bhanot was born in Chandigarh, India. She was the daughter of Harish and Rama Bhanot. Neerja was the Flight Stewardess on board the Pan Am flight which was hijacked by terrorists. Got a national award for bravery when she died protecting the passengers against the terrorists. 


Flight 73
Bhanot was the senior flight purser on Pan Am Flight 73 on September 5, 1986, when it was hijacked by terrorists. She hid the passports of the passengers on the flight so that the hijackers could not differentiate between American and non-American citizens. She was killed while shielding three children from bullets fired by the hijackers.

For her bravery the Government of India posthumously awarded her the Ashoka Chakra (India's highest decoration for gallantry away from the battlefield, or not in the face of the enemy). She is the youngest recipient of the award. In 2004 the Indian Postal Service released a stamp commemorating her.

With the money from the insurance settlement, Neerja's parents set up a trust account honoring Indian women showing exemplary courage every year.


Awards :  

Neerja received the following awards:

Flight Safety Foundation Heroism Award, U.S.A.
Ashok Chakra, India
Taghme-e-Insaaniyat, Pakistan
Justice for Crimes Award, United States Attorney€™s office for the District of Columbia

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