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BSS Founders Day and Mr Normans Visit

BSS Founders Day and Mr Normans Visit

As many of you probably know  Bombay Scottish celebrates Founder's Day on 18th Feb. This year our former science teacher, Mr Norman, who has now retired to Bangalore is visiting school on that day. He is keen to meet his former students and I'm sure all of us are eager to see him again and catch up with old friends. The principal has asked him to address the gathering which begins with Assembly at 9am (like old times!!) and ends with lunch hosted by the Alumni Association.

All of you who will be in Bombay on that day, do try and make it - even if it  means dropping in for a short time to meet Mr Norman, who will be accompanied by his daughter Subha. Sir is 89 years old and I think it will be a privilege for us to be with him again.

I quote from his letters, with his permission:

''I shall be very happy to meet more of my old pupils who would attend the Founders€™ Day function.   I expect it  be a memorable day in my life....

I am a humble person and had, all through my life, lived a simple life.   But the greatest satisfaction I can claim for myself was my devotion to teaching you all boys and girls and the love shared as teacher and pupils...

Actually, this visit of mine  to the school after 20 years will be my €˜pilgrimage€™ to Bombay Scottish School and I would prefer to keep it a low-key €œhome coming€..

I would very much like to meet the families of those students who might ask me to..."

Since it is a on a Friday it may not be possible for everyone to make it to school but Mr Norman is coming to Bombay on the 17th and leaving on the 20th . His tentative plans during his stay are as follows:

17 Feb€¦€¦€¦€¦€¦morning (fore=noon)  arrival in Bombay
18 Feb€¦€¦€¦€¦€¦BSS Founders Day function
19 Feb €¦€¦€¦€¦ free day to move about, particularly to Fort area
20 Feb. €¦€¦€¦€¦morning church service at Byculla;  evening, flight back to Bangalore

Anyone or class group wishing to meet him during any other time during his stay other than at  Founder's Day may certainly do so. He will be staying at the NSCI club, Worli. Others who may not be able to meet him but want to contact him, can contact me for details.

Please pass this message on to your siblings/relatives and friends so Mr Norman's visit is truly a memorable one for him and all of us .
He is probably the last of that wonderful generation of teachers we were fortunate to have. Thanks to the internet we are all back in touch so lets make the most of it!

This note was sent to me by Usha Banerji