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BSS Founders Day 2011 and Mr Normans Visit


Bombay Scottish celebrated Founder's Day on 18th Feb. This year our former science teacher, Mr Norman, who has now retired to Bangalore was the guest of honour. Mr Naresh Nanda, spoke to the audience members. Please see below the speech and pictures from the event.


Speech by Mr Naresh Nanda, class of 1964

Principal, Respected Mr. Norman, Students of Bombay Scottish & Friends,

My memories go back to the 11 years I spent in this school & finally passed out in the year 1964. As you all know, Mr. Norman was our Physics & Chemistry teacher. He was particularly very encouraging & supportive of me and it is for this the reason I am here to say a few words. Infact, his involvement with the students of Bombay Scottish goes beyond mouthing dialogues.

The feelings that I have for Mr. Norman are plenty & varied as Physics was one of my favorite subjects and I used to interact with him from time to time beyond class hours. I am sure his charm, simple dignity and scientific bent of mind captured everyone€™s   heart.

I feel gratitude when I realize what a wonderful protector & provider he has been. Awe & admiration when I see him as a €œTeacher of the world€ needing to be loved and respected as much as we need to be loved and respected by you. Your selfless dedication & devotion shall forever remain cherished in our hearts.

Sir, you have truly justified that €œA hand that served your students is holier than the lips that pray€.

I owe my success and happiness today to this School and Mr. Norman. I have authored 12 Books on Advanced Marine Engineering Knowledge, Naval Architecture & Ship Construction which are widely used by Maritime students in India & abroad.  I am honored to present Sir, with 2 books, as a token of affection. Along with this, also is a €˜Momento€™ hand written by myself. It reads:      Generally people say everything

Is possible

But I say

One thing is Impossible

For centuries ahead



Will not be born.

Friends, let us give Mr. Norman a standing ovation & a big applause.


                                                                               Naresh Nanda  (Ex-Student, 1964)