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Netflix Hindi/NetFlix Bollywood Movies

Netflix Hindi/NetFlix Bollywood Movies 

An update to my posts on Netflix vs Blockbuster. I have switched back to Netflix as I considered the service to be far better. The main reasons were

  • The queues were virtually never back-logged. Especially with new movies, they are always available unlike what I saw in Blockbuster
  • Netflix has a distribution center in Santa Ana which is very close to where I live and so I always got movies very quickly.
  • Netflix also has a good selection of Hindi movies or Bollywood movies which I watch very often. The movies take a little bit of time to show up on Netflix (maybe 2-4 weeks) but the choice is good. The only thing
  • I do not like about the Netflix Indian movie section is that one cannot sort by release date making if difficult to find the latest movies.
  • The new user interface in Netflix where the description of the movies shows up in a pop-up is very good.

Aug 2010 Update -

Its been a while since I wrote this article and things have drastically changed since then. Netflix has clearly dominated the battle. Its stock price is soaring and Blockbuster is facing bankruptcy and has started shutting down many of its stores. Here are some key changes

- Netflix's Streaming service has also improved significantly during the time. They have a lot more to offer through their streaming service. They also offering the streaming service on numerous devices that include not in the Roku Box but also many Blu-Ray DVD players, the PS3, Wii and now also on the iPhone.

- Their selection of Bollywood movies through the streaming service is also pretty good. I have seen many new movies such as Kaminey, Dostana and Rajneeti within a few weeks of theatrical release.

- Their searching and sorting features have also become better.

- RedBox which offers DVD for $1 at your local grocery store, 7-11 etc is planning on offering a streaming service. Lets see how that works out.