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7 Stages of Balding


7 Stages of Balding
       Whoever said "In life, death and taxes are inevitable" was probably a balding man in denial. As a man who is currently going through this process and watching his friends go through this, the balding process can be categorized into 7 stages. Why seven you ask? Having read many books by management gurus (or quacks), I learnt that 7 stages is more powerful than any other number.  This blog post will get more validity because its a seven stage process. The seven stages are described below.

1. Denial - For most men, the balding process probably starts in their late 30s to late 40s. One tends to notice that they are losing their hair but most choose to live in denial. Perhaps, you can feel the barber gingerly cutting the hair on certain parts of your head, perhaps the water feels more in touch with the skin on your head or perhaps you can see your hair line receding in your pictures. You notice this with all your friends, but when it comes to you "Nah! It cannot be happening to me".

2. Slow Acceptance - Within a few months, its undeniable that its happening to you. The proof is more clear. The flash reflecting off your forehead in pictures is hard to deny that the balding process is well under way. Its a tough pill to swallow but you look around at your friends and that probably is the most comforting factor.

3. Cover up phase - Somewhere between the acceptance and the next phase, there is a phase of trying to cover up. This is typically achieved by wearing a cap to every event no matter how inappropriate it is. Its your brother's wedding day and everyone is wearing their best attire but you show up there with your Manchester United cap. That cap just becomes a part of you. Probably the worst prank anyone can play on you is to steal your hat.

4. Home Remedies - Once we have begun to accept that the balding process has started, its time to start some home remedies. These range from applying various types of oils, rubbing of lemon juice, followed by various types of massages. Heck, even rubbing beer is apparently a cure. Though I think many men will prefer drinking it and going bald than wasting it on their hair. If those natural remedies do not work, the market has various products like Rogaine to help.

5. Surgery, Wigs and Other Remedies - If those home remedies still does not stop the flow then many folks resort to expensive surgery or some medical options. You will always find a cure for baldness advertisement in any publication these days, be it surgery, wigs or some other procedure. Of course, Dr Batra is legendary in India, perhaps more for making you want to pull your hair out due to his SMS messages than having any success in growing your hair. If you are skeptical of these procedures, take a look at Harsha Bhogle who may be proof that there is some hope there.

6. Reluctant Acceptance - Once you have exhausted the home remedies and surgeries, one has no option but to accept this reality. You may still continue to wear that hat everywhere, but you tend to take it off occasionally. You look straight at the camera, not at some weird angles that appear to make it look like you have more hair. You feel better than all your friends are in the same boat and you reluctantly accept it.

7. Bald acceptance - The final stage is bold acceptance of the baldness (although I think in the age of political correctness, we should be called follically challenged). Once you have attained "Nirvana", you accept your pate and move on with life, probably never thinking of all the stages you went through to get here. To those men that go straight to the final stage, I salute you but for the rest of us mortals, hope springs eternal.

Ladies, Balding is probably the male equivalent of menopause, so yes, we do have our own mid-life issues.

Life Tip: Never complain about your greying problems to a balding man.

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How much will I earn with Google Adsense?


How much will I earn with Google Adsense?

If you are here thinking that you can put together a website, put some Google Ads, sit back and earn millions of dollars, then you can end reading this article at this point. If on the other hand, you are willing to invest time and effort to create a website with valuable content, then perhaps this article will be of interest to you. I have been using Google Adsense on my website for close to 8 years now and having been earning some money with Adsense. Many readers ask me how much can I earn with Adsense. The truth is there is no right answer, it depends on a few factors and using some sample numbers, I will attempt to tell you how much you could earn.

I started using Adsense back in about 2004 not sure how much I would earn, if I would earn anything at all. I had very little traffic but enough to bring in some amount of money every month to continue using it and explore ways to bring in more revenue. There are essentially 3 factors that determine how much you would earn. Lets look at what the factors are

  • Traffic to your website - this is quite an obvious parameter. The more traffic that you have obviously improves your earning potential. Here are some tips that could help improve your traffic
  • Ad click-through Rate - the percentage of ad click-throughs determines how many ads get clicked and result in payments to you. This can vary from site, based on the how your ads are placed, what can of advertisers choose to display on your site. The ad click-through percentage is typically not a huge number, its usually between 0.25% at the lowest and perhaps some really good sites may go above 5% but I suspect most sites end up between 1% and 3%.  Here are some tips that could help improve your click through rate. 


  • Website Content and keywords - The way Google Adsense and Adwords work is advertisers set a budget for keywords that they would like to compete for. When a user lands on your page and that page has the keywords that match, the Google systems create a real time auction and the highest bidders get to present the ads on your site. Certain industries and keywords are hotly contested and result in higher bids. e.g Keywords in the travel, real estate or legal drive some of highest bids but something like food or humor results in low bids. Google gives you (the publisher) a portion of that ad revenue (when the user clicks the ad). If Google gives you 70% and a real estate ad brings in $1, you will get 70c. However, if you get 10c for a cooking ad, you will make only 7c.

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Celebrities with Indian Tattoos


Celebrities with Indian Tattoos     Most celebrities often get tattoos and also seem to be mystified by Eastern religions and such as Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism etc. Besides some elaborate artwork of snakes and dragons, I have also seem them having tattoos in Sanskrit or some east Asian languages. I set out to look for celebrities who have Sanskrit tattoos and was surprised to find quite a few of them. Its not surprising that the most popular Sanskrit tattoo is Om. Om (or Aum) is arguably the most famous symbol of Hindu culture in the west and that probably is why its is so popular.

  • Howard Stern has an Om tattoo on his hand.
  • Katy Perry - have got 'Anuugacchati Pravaha', meaning 'Go With The Flow' inked inside the right arm,
  • Russell Brand - also got the same tattoo as Katy Perry when they decided to get married in India in 2010.
  • Tommy Lee  also has an Om Tattoo on his stomach. 
  • Alyssa Milano also has a wrist tattoo of the Hindu syllable €˜Om€™.
  • Sherilyn Fenn, a television star has an Om tattoo on her forearm
  • Angelina Jolie has a Sanskrit blessing in the Cambodian language, which she has said is to honor her first adopted son, Maddox.
  • David Beckham has the his wife Victoria's name tattooed on his arm.
  • Rihanna has a verse from the Bhagvad Gita tattoo on her hip. 
  • Katy Perry and Russell Brand got matching Sanskrit tattoos, following their engagement.  They both had a Sanskrit phrase inked on their bicep. The tattoo reads €˜Anuugacchati Pravaha€™, which means €œGo With The Flow€.
  • Jessica Alba has the Sanskrit word €˜Padma€™ which means lotus, tattooed on her wrist. The meanign behind this is that the lotus grows primarily in the mud, but grows beautifully and is unaffected by its surroundings. 
  • Kimberly Wyatt of Pussy Cat Dolls has a Sanskrit tattoo on the back of her neck, which says €˜let all the being be happy and let my actions contribute to their happiness€™.
  • Gillian Anderson has a Sanskrit tattoo on her wrist which translates to €˜Every Day€™.

If you know of any other celebrities with Indian tattoos, leave a comment.

Bharat Matrimony's Racist Ad

Having lived outside India for many years, I have often seen many Indians complaining about discrimination and racism towards Indians in foreign countries. We rarely, if ever stop and think what a discriminatory society we are. From the age-old caste ssystem, to North Indians calling all South Indians Madrasis or calling Indians from North East India Chinky, we just discriminate. If I bring in religion, states, castes, regions the matter just gets too complicated.  Even living in the US, I have heard Indians calling African Americans Kallu or call all East Asians Chnky. So perhaps, this ad below from Bharat Matrimony should really not surprise or shock me but it does. I have been seeing this ad on the South Asian channels and I am shocked that they have been running this ad on TV for so long. Take a look at it and see if you think its racist or not.


Still not convinced? Lets retry the same ad with a white American family and the son brings home a girl with tanned skin. Lovely old grandma goes, "How come he is dating that Brownie?". Our groom-to-be explains that his girlfriend has just returned from a vacation in Hawaii and so her skin is tanned. Everyone laughs and there is a huge sigh of relief. Cookies, Anyone?
Imagine this ad being shown on television here, there would be a huge uproar and social media would be going nuts. Unfortunately, this ad continues to play and its all fun and games. The least I would request is that if you are looking for a bride or groom, stay away from Bharat Matrimony and its related sites and use some other provider. Thanks for reading.

Indian Website Directory

Indian Website Directory

While many visitors come to dinesh.com for the logo information and jokes, the site was started on the basis of the Indian Web Directory which was a collection of the best and most popular Indian websites. Over the years, many of those sites have disappeared and many new sites have come up. We have just gone through our directory and cleaned up a lot of the dead links and added many new links as well. We hope you find these updates useful.  The following sections were updated

Some of the other nice features of our web directory are

  • Thumbail Preview for most of the sites, so you can preview the site before clicking on it
  • Ability to provide a rating so that other can benefit from your experience
  • Ability to register and manage your own sites
  • Ability to write a review for the sites.

You can register your sites now.

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