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Traditional Indian Hindu Wedding

Agni Prathistra

Agni Prathistra - Blessings of the Lord of the Fire The blessing of the God of Fire, Agni are invoked among Hindus. All solemn tites are incomplete without the performance of the Homa . An atmosphere of purity and spirutuality is created by the burning of the fragrant herbs and ghee to the tune of mantras. Fire is considered to be the most sacred because it is the giver of both Light and Energy. Panigrahana and Saptapadi are the fire rituals. Agni Prathistra

The priest prepares for the Homa

Agni Prathistra

Anu and I make offerings to the Homa

The couple are then made to stand close of one another and are covered by a white thread 5 times. The 5 fold thread is divided into 2 parts, one part is tied to the right hand of the groom and the other is tied to the left hand of the bride. This symbolises that both of them have now entered weblock and they must live in peace forever. Next, the bridegroom ties the Mangal Sutra , the matrimonial necklace around the neck of the bride, wishing her a long and happy life. This symbolises the essence of matrimony. This symbolises the essence of matrimony. Then the head ornament Basinga is tied to the bride and she is given a gift. Agni Prathistra

Me tying the Mangal Sutra to Anu. Anu thinks "He's having trouble tying the Knot" :-)

Agni Prathistra

Anu ties the sacred thread on my hand

Agni Prathistra

I tie the sacred thread on her hand

Panigrahana - Acceptance of Hand The bridegroom clasps the bride's hands. This points to a new bond, which symbolizes the transfer of her protection from her father to the groom. Both go round the Homa , the bride leaving taking a pledge to share each others joys and sorrows and wishing each other well.
Agni Prathistra

Me accepting Anu's hand which symbolises the transfer of her protection from her father to me

Laja Homa - Offering of Grains to the Homa The bride places the palms of her hands over those of the groom and makes three offerings of fried rice soaked in ghee. The bride prays for the long life of her husband and prosperity of both families.

Saptapadi - Taking of 7 Steps Together In taking these 7 steps, the right foot shall always lead and the left be brought forward in line with it. These 7 steps together symbolize the beginning of their journey through life together. These 7 steps represent 7 principles and promises to each other.

  1. Devotion and Guidance to each other, leading to a long life with good progeny
  2. To develop physical, mental and spritual strength in their lives.
  3. For prosperity acquired by righteous means and its use properly.
  4. To acquire happiness by mutual love and trust
  5. For progress
  6. For longevity - to go through the many season of life.
  7. For lif long companionship.

Agni Prathistra

Anu and I taking the seven steps together

Agni Prathistra

My aunts offering blessings after the wedding

Agni Prathistra

Anu feeding me a sweet. We are now officially married.

Satya Narayan Pooja