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Indian Website Directory

Indian Website Directory

While many visitors come to dinesh.com for the logo information and jokes, the site was started on the basis of the Indian Web Directory which was a collection of the best and most popular Indian websites. Over the years, many of those sites have disappeared and many new sites have come up. We have just gone through our directory and cleaned up a lot of the dead links and added many new links as well. We hope you find these updates useful.  The following sections were updated

Some of the other nice features of our web directory are

  • Thumbail Preview for most of the sites, so you can preview the site before clicking on it
  • Ability to provide a rating so that other can benefit from your experience
  • Ability to register and manage your own sites
  • Ability to write a review for the sites.

You can register your sites now.

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Global Desi Yellow Pages

 Global Desi Yellow Pages

We launched our food site, Indian Foods Guide , two years ago dedicated to the best food on the planet, Indian Food.  Within that time it has become one of the popular sites among fans of Indian food. With the success of that, we have now launched our new site - Desi Yellow Pages on videsh.com. 

The Desi Yellow pages site is built around putting together a Yellow Pages Directory of Indian/Pakistani and Bangladeshi business around the world. We have seen many local Yellow Pages directories but not one that is dedicated to Desi Businesses around the globe. You will find desi businesses from the popular countries the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as well as from lesser known places such as Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam etc.

We have a number of Business categories such as

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Bollywood Movies on your IPhone with Netflix

Bollywood Movies on your IPhone with Netflix

Technology has moved ahead significantly in the few years since Netflix started delivering DVDs through the mail. A few years ago they introduced the streaming service allowing users to see videos on their computers. Over time, the on-demand library has not only grown significantly but is also available on numerous devices such as the PS3, Wii and Blu-Ray DVD players. Now comes the latest device to support the streaming...the iPhone.

When the service was announced for the iPhone, I was very thrilled because it meant I could watch a movie any time, any place. This comes in useful on trips when I am sitting at the airport or for my son when we are driving. The streaming service works over 3G or Wi-Fi. I have tried it over both and the quality (depending on your 3G Service) is excellent.

The application itself is still version one and needs improvement (especially in Genres Navigation) but it still provides a lot of good functionality such as

  • Ability to view/add to your existing On-Demand Queue
  • Ability to pause and resume your movie.
  • Given the small resolution of the screen, the quality of the picture is very clear.
  • The search function is good if you know what you want but if you are browsing then its a little difficult to find something.

Regarding the Bollywood collection, while its still small (about 75 movies), they have many of the latest movies showing up within a few weeks of the official releases. Some of the popular Bollywood films available are Dostana, Rajneeti, Kaminey, Chak De India, Swades etc.

Netflix Hindi/NetFlix Bollywood Movies

Netflix Hindi/NetFlix Bollywood Movies 

An update to my posts on Netflix vs Blockbuster. I have switched back to Netflix as I considered the service to be far better. The main reasons were

  • The queues were virtually never back-logged. Especially with new movies, they are always available unlike what I saw in Blockbuster
  • Netflix has a distribution center in Santa Ana which is very close to where I live and so I always got movies very quickly.
  • Netflix also has a good selection of Hindi movies or Bollywood movies which I watch very often. The movies take a little bit of time to show up on Netflix (maybe 2-4 weeks) but the choice is good. The only thing
  • I do not like about the Netflix Indian movie section is that one cannot sort by release date making if difficult to find the latest movies.
  • The new user interface in Netflix where the description of the movies shows up in a pop-up is very good.

Aug 2010 Update -

Its been a while since I wrote this article and things have drastically changed since then. Netflix has clearly dominated the battle. Its stock price is soaring and Blockbuster is facing bankruptcy and has started shutting down many of its stores. Here are some key changes

- Netflix's Streaming service has also improved significantly during the time. They have a lot more to offer through their streaming service. They also offering the streaming service on numerous devices that include not in the Roku Box but also many Blu-Ray DVD players, the PS3, Wii and now also on the iPhone.

- Their selection of Bollywood movies through the streaming service is also pretty good. I have seen many new movies such as Kaminey, Dostana and Rajneeti within a few weeks of theatrical release.

- Their searching and sorting features have also become better.

- RedBox which offers DVD for $1 at your local grocery store, 7-11 etc is planning on offering a streaming service. Lets see how that works out.


Indian Foods Guide


We have launched our food site, Indian Foods Guide , two years ago dedicated to the best food on the planet, Indian Food. The site was created with the idea of promoting Indian food around the world. Over the last two years we have made a lot of great progress with this site and it is now a good reference for Indian food, grocery stores and restaurants. The site has a number of sections in it but the primary ones are 

Indian Recipes - We curently haveover 500 Indian recipes on the site. The recipes are categorised and easy to search based onkey ingredients, cuisine type etc. We have over 50 of the recipes in video format. 

Indian Restaurants - We have over 17,000 restaurants from around the world. We are in the process of adding additional restaurants everyday. We have also added photographs of the restaurants, their menus and other information on our site. The site is growing rapidly as we add new restaurants, reviews, photographs on a regular basis. 

Indian Grocery Stores   - We have over 3000 Indian Grocery Stores from over 20 countries over the world and we are also constantly adding new stores on a regular basis. 

We think this is one of the best restaurant and grocery guide for Indians. Please help us by telling us about new stores and also reviewing the existing stores and restaurants that you frequent. 

You can also join us on Facebook and Twitter

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How to get the Howard Stern Show on your iPhone

How to get the Howard Stern Show on your iPhone

Hey Now!! If you have an iPhone and are a fan of Howard Stern then you like me, would want to listen to Howard Stern on the iPhone. For quite a while that was rather difficult to do because Sirius did not have an iPhone app and when they did introduce it, they did not offer the Howard Stern Channels on the iPhone app. Now (as of Jan 2010), you have two options to get Howard Stern on your

  • iPhone Pocket Tunes Radio Application
  • iPhone Skydock for XM Radio

December  2010 Update - Stern re-signed for another 5 year deal at Sirius and he has said that Howard 100 and 101 will be part of the lineup on the iPhone/iPod.

Pocket Tunes Radio iPhone Application

Pocket Tunes Radio is an application available in the App Store ($6.99) that streams a large number of online stations. The application can also stream the content from the online Sirius feed which includes the Stern channels. In order to make this work, you will need to buy this application (one time 6.99 cost) and  also have the online streaming ($2.99/month) and you are all set. The pro's of this method of listening to Stern are that you can virtually get access to the channels anywhere you are as long as you have Wifi or good data speeds. Also, the price is only 2.99/month or lower if you have annual subscriptions etc. The downside is that if you are in the car, you may get spotty signal and also crackling sound on your stereo.

iPhone Skydock for XM Radio

The iPhone Skydock is a new adapter that can be attached to a car (uses the standard charger output) and converts your iPhone into a Satellite radio. Unlike the Rocket Tunes option, the signal comes from the  satellites so you are guaranteed of a better reception and signal. The problem with this is that the product comes from XM (not Sirius) so you have to subscribe to XM (for full price) and then get the Best of Sirius package. The total cost will work out to around $17/month. Also the Skydock works only in the car and costs about $120. 

The Skydock communicates with your stereo over FM and in crowded markets such as NY, LA or Dallas, its tough to find a good frequency as well. The Skydock also plays your iPod as well.  The Skydock does have an auxillary out so if your car  stereo supports that you are in luck.

These are the two ways you can get Stern on your iPhone. Given my listening pattern (I spend about 40 mins in the car everyday) and also listen at work, I prefer option 1. I also have a Skydock that I uses mainly as an FM transmitter and have not activated my radio as yet. Maybe if Stern renews, I may consider doing that.

There are rumors that they will introduce new products at the CES and new options may show u or maybe Stern will allow them to broadcast on the Sirius application. Until then, seems like this is what we can do.

These are some articles or social causes that I have come across on the Web. These articles are not written by me. When possible, I have provided the acknowledgment of the writer. I hope that some of you are motivated to take action and help make this world a better place.

I feel quite blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and live in many countries around the world. Meeting people from other countries is a wonderful experiences as it opens your mind to how different, yet how similar the rest of the world is and I think that has made me a better person. I have traveled alone, with my friends and then with my wife. Now I have a son who also loves to travel and I will cherish those moments with him. In this section of my blog, I write about some of my experiences traveling around the world and things that I liked about visiting those places. I hope my experiences are entertaining as well as englightening.