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Global Desi Yellow Pages

 Global Desi Yellow Pages

We launched our food site, Indian Foods Guide , two years ago dedicated to the best food on the planet, Indian Food.  Within that time it has become one of the popular sites among fans of Indian food. With the success of that, we have now launched our new site - Desi Yellow Pages on videsh.com. 

The Desi Yellow pages site is built around putting together a Yellow Pages Directory of Indian/Pakistani and Bangladeshi business around the world. We have seen many local Yellow Pages directories but not one that is dedicated to Desi Businesses around the globe. You will find desi businesses from the popular countries the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom as well as from lesser known places such as Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam etc.

We have a number of Business categories such as

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Indian Foods Guide


We have launched our food site, Indian Foods Guide , two years ago dedicated to the best food on the planet, Indian Food. The site was created with the idea of promoting Indian food around the world. Over the last two years we have made a lot of great progress with this site and it is now a good reference for Indian food, grocery stores and restaurants. The site has a number of sections in it but the primary ones are 

Indian Recipes - We curently haveover 500 Indian recipes on the site. The recipes are categorised and easy to search based onkey ingredients, cuisine type etc. We have over 50 of the recipes in video format. 

Indian Restaurants - We have over 17,000 restaurants from around the world. We are in the process of adding additional restaurants everyday. We have also added photographs of the restaurants, their menus and other information on our site. The site is growing rapidly as we add new restaurants, reviews, photographs on a regular basis. 

Indian Grocery Stores   - We have over 3000 Indian Grocery Stores from over 20 countries over the world and we are also constantly adding new stores on a regular basis. 

We think this is one of the best restaurant and grocery guide for Indians. Please help us by telling us about new stores and also reviewing the existing stores and restaurants that you frequent. 

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Twitter India Directory

With Twitter being on fire for the last few months and with more and more Indian celebrities, business, organizations etc tweeting, I thought it was time to add an Indian Twitter Directory to my website. This directory will contain the links of all India related Twitter pages. I  have started with the following categories and there are a few entries already which will be updated over the next few weeks.

If you have a Twiitter page, you can submit it to the Twitter India directory

The Apprentice Season 7, Donald - You're Fired?


The 6th season of the Apprentice concluded yesterday and in my opinion, Stenfani was a deserving winner of the title. Clearly, she was the best among the Final Four, but there were better candidates who did not make the Final Four. Anyway, I digress. The Apprentice has certainly been one of the most popular shows on television especially in its first three season. It used to be typically on NBC, on Thursday nights, which in the US is the most contested TV slot.

Over time, the show has got pushed around and ended up on Sunday night at 9 PM. Middway through the season, it moved to 10 PM on Sunday night. Even the "Grand Finale" did not get a better time slot. Trump did not talk about the next season, which he typically does. It makes me wonder if the show is finally over. Donald Trump, You're fired?? Too bad, it was one of the few shows that I watched besides American Idol and with Sanjaya gone, there is nothing for me to watch. Thank God the NBA playoffs have begun......Go Lakers!!!

Funny Logos


The History of Famous Logos is a popular section of this website. I have added a new section of logo parodies to complement that section. In thi section of the site you will find funny versions of some of the famous corporate logos such as

 I hope you will find these funny logos amusing and entertaining.

Dinesh.com Upgrade

Dinesh.com is currently being upgraded from Mambo to Joomla. With Joomla clearly becoming the more dominant version of the CMS, it was time for me to upgrade to Joomla. Most of the site should be back to normal and all the content and functionality should be available. I am still working on some aspects of the site. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. At the end of the upgrade, there will be a few new features added to the site.

Thank you for your patience during the upgrade.