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The Apprentice Season 7, Donald - You're Fired?


The 6th season of the Apprentice concluded yesterday and in my opinion, Stenfani was a deserving winner of the title. Clearly, she was the best among the Final Four, but there were better candidates who did not make the Final Four. Anyway, I digress. The Apprentice has certainly been one of the most popular shows on television especially in its first three season. It used to be typically on NBC, on Thursday nights, which in the US is the most contested TV slot.

Over time, the show has got pushed around and ended up on Sunday night at 9 PM. Middway through the season, it moved to 10 PM on Sunday night. Even the "Grand Finale" did not get a better time slot. Trump did not talk about the next season, which he typically does. It makes me wonder if the show is finally over. Donald Trump, You're fired?? Too bad, it was one of the few shows that I watched besides American Idol and with Sanjaya gone, there is nothing for me to watch. Thank God the NBA playoffs have begun......Go Lakers!!!