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Time Warner Digital VOIP Phone - International Calling Plan

Image I have been a fairly early adopter of VOIP offerings in the marketplace having signed up with Vonage back in 2002. Most of my experience with them has been good with the occaisional echo problems. I recently moved to a new location and was very surprised with the International calling plan that Time Warner cable offered me if I signed up for their Digital phone service. I was spending over $50 making calls to India and with Reliance, I would get about 500 minutes of talk time. Time Warner was offering 3000, yes THREE THOUSAND minutes of calling time to India for only $20. Of course I had to pay a higher cost for the unlimited long distance calling ($40/month) but overall it works out cheaper.

This was not a promotional offer or anything of that nature. So far the experience has been very good. I get through to Indian on the very first try. I have not head issues with echo or packet loss.  There are no separate rates for land lines vs cell phones. At this point, I have nothing to complain. The cable modem/VOIP adapter has a built inbattery backup whichis great should you lose power or want to move things around.

Cancelling my service with Vonage was another challenge. They threw all kinds of freebies at my, 1 month free, 2 months free, 3 months free, 1 year unlimited at 14.95 a month.

Does anyone have any experiences with this?