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Jack in the Box Logo - Design and History

Jack in the Box Logo - Design and History
Jack in the Box 2009 Logo

Jack in the Box Old Logo

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant founded in 1951 in San Diego, California, where it is still headquartered today. In total, the chain has 2,100 locations; primarily serving the West Coast of the United States. Most of the outlets are in California, followed by Texas, Arizona, Washington,  
Jack in the Box competes primarily with other major national fast-food chains such as McDonald's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy's. Food items include the Jumbo Jack, Potato Wedges, and Ultimate Cheeseburger.

In March 2009, Jack in the Box unveiled a new corporate logo shown above alongside the old logo. The new logo is significantly different from the old logo with the following most visible change
1. The new logo is 3-dimensional and the Box clearly stands out.
2. The font is more contemporary and pleasing to the eye.
3. The focus is more on "Jack" than "in the box", and I am wondering if thats to promote the use of Jacks more than Jack in the Box.
4. Some people say that the long curve in the letter 'K' appears to be a smile (just like the Amazon logo).

They still continue to maintain the bright red, although it appears to be a bit toned down.

Overall, I like the new logo as it does give it a modern feel although some bloggers feel that the logo may not be apt for restaurant logo. What do you think? Submit your comments below.

The logo was created by Duffy & Partners.

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Panera Bread Logo - Design and History


Panera Bread (called St. Louis Bread Company in the St. Louis area) is a chain of bakery-café restaurants in the United States and Canada which sells breads, sandwiches, soups, bakery items, and organic foods; some locations offer dinner pizzas. Panera is considered a "fast casual" restaurant.

The Panera Bread logo is an illustration of a woman with flowing hair holding a loaf of bread in her arm.  This also goes with the company slogan of "A loaf of bread in every arm". The lady holding the bread is also known as "Mother Bread". The logo and the entire branding for the new company was developed by Heckler Associates and they host a very interesting case study of how they rebranded "the St. Loius Bread Company" to "Panera Bread". See their website for details

Interestingly, the process of making sourdough bread requires a small piece of the dough used to make the previous batch of bread dough. This starter piece is often called the "mother." Whenever Panera opens stores in a new region, a piece of the original starter that was created in the 1980s is lovingly carried to the new bakery to ensure that original Panera quality and character will rise again and again.

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KFC Logos - Design and History


KFC, also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky, known mainly for its fried chicken. Since 2002 KFC has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc.The company was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952, with the abbreviated form of its name adopted in 1991. The colonel has always been a part of the KFC logo. In the early years, you can see him to have a more serious face but over time, you can see that his face has become more friendly. Also, the red color in the logo has given the logo a more bold and lively look.

In April 2007, KFC unveiled their current logo in which the Colonel shed his white suit jacket for a red cook's apron. The new logo includes bolder colors and a more well-defined visage of the late Kentucky Fried Chicken founder, who will keep his classic black bow tie, glasses and goatee. The logo is changing for only the fourth time in 50 years, and for the first time in nearly a decade. The smiling Colonel is featured against a red background that matches his red apron, with the KFC brand name in black thick lettering under his chin.

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A&W Logos - Design and History


A&W Restaurants, Inc. is a chain of fast-food restaurants, distinguished by their draft root beer and root beer floats. It is a fast food franchise company in the United States and in many other locations around the world, serving a typical fast food menu of hamburgers and french fries, as well as hot dogs. A number of its outlets are drive-in restaurants with carhops. The company name was taken from the last name initials of partners Roy Allen and Frank Wright. A&W began in 1919 in Lodi, California, when Roy Allen took on partnership with Frank Wright to help him with the root beer business he had started in 1919. They branded their product A&W Root Beer after their last names.

The logo is a fairly simple logo with the letter A&W written on an orange and brown oval background. The letters A&W are taken from the last name of the founds Roy Allen and Frank Wright. I suppose the colors probably represent the color of root beer, but I am not sure of that claim. The logo has undergone many changes since its inception and the section below documents the history of those changes. For the most part, the logo has remained the same (the A&W theme being central to the logo)

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Hard Rock Logos - Design and History


The Hard Rock Cafe is a popular restaurant chain in the United States and now across the world. The original Hard Rock cafe was started in London  back in 1971 by two Americans. They wanted to open up a restaurant that served American food. They began to cover the restaurant with Rock memorabilia in 1979. The opened their first US restaurant in Los Angeles in 1982.  

Hard Rock has a number of different logos for each of their other businesses. The logos for each of the business lines is really a derivative of the base logo. The logo itself is pretty simple. Its the text "Hard Rock" engraved on top of a circle. There are some interesting theories on how the Hard Rock name itself came about.  

  1. It was the name of the caf̩ depicted on The Doors۪ album Morrison Hotel.
  2. It was part of founder Isaac Tigrett€™s favorite parable: €œWe are all born into this world with a big boulder on our shoulder. Every day we chip at it until, at the end of our lives, all that is left is a small hard rock that makes up you!€
  3. A similar name, Bedrock Café, appeared on one of Tigrett€™s favorite cartoons€”The Flintstones.

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Burger King Logo - Design and History

Burger King Blue Swirl Logo

Burger King is one the world's most famous Burger establishments. The original Burger king logo was called the "Bun Halves" logo and was a simple logo featuring the company's name in red letter sandwiched between two bun halves. The original logo made its debuted in 1969 until it was replaced in 1999, but the new Blue Swirl logo.

The new Burger King, Blue Swirl logo tilts the bun halves and the font on an axis, wraps the burger with a blue swirl, and has a more circular appearance.

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