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BCS 2012 Logo Design

BCS 2012 Logo Design

The BCS National Championship Game, or BCS National Championship, is the final bowl game of the annual Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and is intended by the organizers of the BCS to determine the U.S. national champion of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.The participants are the two highest-ranked teams in the BCS standings at the end of the regular college football season, currently determined by averaging the results of the final weekly USA Today Coaches' Poll, Harris Interactive Poll of media, former players and coaches, and the average of six participating computer rankings.

It is sort of the Super Bowl of the college football season (but no really) and I am sure such statements will spark furious debates. The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) logo for the 2012 Allstate BCS National Championship Game is shown along side. 

The logos typically maintain a few common elements

- The top of the logo appears to have the name of the primary sponsr which in this case is Allstate Insurance company
- Its the followed by the "BCS National Championship" With BCS representing the Bowl Championship Series
- It then has the location of the game, which in this case was New Orleans
- It has the year of the game, 2012
- The final touch to the logo appears to be a football related or local element which in this case appears to be a trophy of some kind

If you look at past years logos, you will see the same common theme. Variations include local elements (such as the New Orleans Saints logo in 2008 or the palm trees in South Florida) and colors (Orange and Green for South Florida). Seems like the BCS has found a theme that works and they are sticking by it. Unlike the new Super Bowl logos, which also follow a common theme but is extremely dull, the BCS logo is slightly better in the freedom it enjoys.

This year's championship game is scheduled to be played on Monday, Jan. 9, at the Louisiana Superdome. The game is between #1 ranked Louisana State University and #2 ranked Alabama.

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