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I am personally intrigued by logos and as you can see, a large part of my site is dedicated to discovering the design and history of logos. To me, logos were always a visual thing and I guess I never paid attention to the concept of sound logos (though sound branding seems more appropriate).

Looking back, my first recollection of a sound logo was the little piece of music that accompanied the Intel Logo. Whenever you see any commerical for a computer, it would always be accompanied by the Intel logo and a little sound theme at the end.  

Starting November 1st, 2007, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing a new sound logo that will accompany its commercials.  The Mercedes-Benz sound logo is based on an original recording of an English boys choir from the 1990s. Sound engineers extracted a choir boy€™s solo vocal from the recording and adapted it for use in the sound logo. The logo was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt, Mercedes-Benz€™ lead agency.

Benz Sound Logo - You can listen to the Benz sound logo at the end of the commerical on YouTube.

Intel Sound Logo - You can listen to the Intel sound logo here on YouTube.

Sound branding is also called audio branding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sonic mnemonics.