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Can Boston have 3 titles by the Summer?


Winning a "World Championship" title in the United States Professional sports leagues is pretty tough. The leagues are extremely competitive and its hard for clubs to get repeats or even three-peats, but some of the clubs actually do. The Bulls, Patriots, Lakers and the Yankees are some of the clubs that come to mind in the recent 10 years.

Its very rare to have two teams from the same city hold the title of World Champions at the same time. At this time, the NFL title is with the Indianapolis Colts, the NBA title with the San Antonio Spurs and the MLB title with the St Louis Cardinals. Three very different locations and none of them even major US cities.  

This is possibly the first time, I can see three teams from the same city holding the title of "World Champions" at the start of summer. That city would be Boston.

1. The Boston Red Sox are in the World Series once again playing the Colorado Rockies and stand a great chance of winning the MLB tilte of World Champions.

2. The New England Patriots are clearly the hottest team in the NFL. They are one two unbeaten teams (the Colts being the other team). They are currently scoring at an average of over 40 points/game (which is very tough in the NFL). Some are even predicting that this is the Greatest Offense of all time. The combination of Brady and Moss is just lethal. They do stand a great chance of winning the title if they can maintain this pace and remain healthy.

3. The Boston Celtics have a rich history of winning NBA titles, but the team has not done very well in the past two decades. In the off-season, the Celtics made some blockbuster deals getting Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and James Posey. The Celtics have the least chance of the three teams but two out of three ain't bad.

Lets see what happens. Check back in June.