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New India RSS News Feeds

I have added a new RSS news sections to the website. The new sections cover the city related news such as Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi. Additional feeds were added to the old sections such as Cricket, Bollywood, Latest News and Sports. I will be adding more categories on an ongoing basis. I hope to make this section of the website the most comprehensive section on India related RSS feeds. The site currently lists over 50 feeds.

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Bacon Alarm Clock


Image Here is a stupid invention.  The Wake n' Bacon is a prototype for an alarm clock that wakes people up to the smell of cooking bacon.  Every night before you go to bed, you need to set up the wake up time and also put a piece of bacon in the "clock". Is this how tough our lives have become that we need stupid things like this to wake us up. 

I am quite happy with my 5 dollar radio alarm clock that wakes me up to some nice music.  If you snooze, you probably will start a fire with this thing.  I am sure this will be a big hit in this country.  

Design of Corporate Logos

I have added a new section to the site, that contains articles about the history and the design of corporate logos. I have always been interested in the meaning of the design behind some of the corporate logos. In some cases like Cisco, the idea behind the logo is fairly obvious but in case of Fedex, you will wonder why the spent over a million dollars to come up with the logo and why the Nike logo cost only $35.

This section of my website list some of the world's most famous corporate logo and attempts to discover the history and the meanings behind them. I hope you find this section entertaining. This week, we take a look at Swoosh, the Nike logo.

India Related RSS Feeds

I have added a new section to the website that offers the visitor a collection of RSS feeds that are related to India. Currently the section contains RSS feeds on topics such as Cricket, Bollywood, Latest News and Sports. I will be adding more categories on an ongoing basis.

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What is RSS you ask?

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The Mystery Spot - Santa Cruz

The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz.

The Mystery Spot is a small but interesting tourist spot in Santa Cruz California. Its about an hour's drive from the Silicon Valley off Route 17. The drive up to the spot itself is nice and pretty with a nice view of some Redwood forests.

Well, what is the Mystery Spot? Its a small circular area in the moutain, about 150 ft radius where you will find the natural laws of physics being defied. Balls will roll uphill, people will seem to shrink or grow taller, people start leaning are some examples.
Sounds strange??

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25-Dec-2004 - Search Engine Submission

I have re-introduced the Search Engine submission pages on my website after making some modifications. I am currently supporting 25 search engines but plan to ramp this up to a much higher number by the end of  this month.

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These are some articles or social causes that I have come across on the Web. These articles are not written by me. When possible, I have provided the acknowledgment of the writer. I hope that some of you are motivated to take action and help make this world a better place.

I feel quite blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and live in many countries around the world. Meeting people from other countries is a wonderful experiences as it opens your mind to how different, yet how similar the rest of the world is and I think that has made me a better person. I have traveled alone, with my friends and then with my wife. Now I have a son who also loves to travel and I will cherish those moments with him. In this section of my blog, I write about some of my experiences traveling around the world and things that I liked about visiting those places. I hope my experiences are entertaining as well as englightening.