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India Post Logo - Design and History

India Post Logo India Post, India's Department of Post, is a government operated postal system in India; it is generally referred to within India as "the post office". The Indian Postal Service, with 155,333 post offices, is the most widely distributed post office system in the world (China is next, with 57,000). The large numbers are a result of a long tradition of many disparate postal systems which were unified in the Indian Union post-Independence. Owing to this far-flung reach and its presence in remote areas, the Indian postal service is also involved in other services such as small savings banking and financial services.
India Post unveiled a new logo in September 2008 to signify that it is all set to attune to the world class postal systems. The new logo has a rectangle in the shape of an envelope in deep red with the image of birds€™ wings in bright yellow. Red symbolises the traditional association with post office, along with passion, power and commitment, while yellow communicates hope, joy and happiness. It sends the message of India Post as a dynamic organisation with modern and professional approach in its service to the common man, business and corporate clients.
India Post will very soon acquire a number of aircrafts to carry letters, parcels and logistic consignments for making overnight delivery in major towns of the country. India Post will also offer a host of new customer services to be launched very soon. These will include express parcel post retail service, gift parcel post service, logistics post air service, sale of gold coins through retail post, express money order service, speed post call centres and a range of new international services. The unveiling of the logo marks a new beginning in the journey of India Post.
The new logo was built with the help of Ogilvy and Mather. 

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Dabur Logo - Design and History

Dabur Logo

Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in  health care, Personal care and foods. Over more than a 100 years we have been dedicated to providing nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. The original logo of the company was the Banyan Tree.

The new Dabur identity modernizes the 100-year old equity of the Dabur brand by subtly transforming the tree. While it retains the essence of the banyan tree, it now projects a contemporary image, in consonance with today's lifestyle. The tree, a symbol of nature, is indelibly regarded as a provider of shelter, food and protection. If you observe closely, you will see that the tree trunk mirrors the form for three people with their arms raised conveying exultation in achievement. The broad trunk represents stability and its multiple branches represent growth.


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Sify Logo - Design and History

Sify Technologies Limited is a major ISP company based in Chennai, India. It is a large internet network provider in India, with a wide array of internet based services. In January,  Sify Technologies unveiled a new corporate identity.
The new logo is a reflection of Sify's outlook and nature of business: a fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly green signalling a new,paper-free world, counterpoised by a business-like, dependable grey. The fonts are distinctive and futuristic. In graphic terms, the dot over the 'i' in the name has moved forward, and stands for the Company's promise to keep its customers and stakeholders ahead.
For the promise of "Keeping you ahead" reiterates Sify's focus on technology, innovation and new services aimed at keeping customers in the lead by giving them a competitive edge using Sify's services. 

This is probably one of the first Indian companies to take a stance on eco-friendliness. Oddly, Xerox which unveiled their new logo today also chose a lower case text for the name.

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MindTree Logo - Design and History

MindTree Consulting is a IT services company from Bangalore. MindTree's logo is a very eye-catching logo due its use of vibrant colors Red, Yellow and Blue. MindTree's visual identity demonstrates the organization's DNA - Imagination, Action and Joy. The upward blue stroke signifies limitless Imagination. The red background symbolises Action, while the yellow dots are the bubbles of Joy. Our identity was designed by Chetan, a student of the Spastics Society of Karnataka. Chetan has learned not to let cerebral palsy hold back his brilliant, creative mind.

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