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Time Warner Cable 2010 Logo


Time Warner Cable Old Logo

Time Warner Cable is an American national cable television company that operates in 27 states and has 31 operating divisions. In an effort to modernize its brand, Time Warner Cable revealed a redesigned logo in October 2010.

Time Warner Cable has kept its iconic eye and ear graphic, though it's emphasis is much more significant than before. In the old design, the symbol was only a small part of a long, rectangular logo. Now, the design is more square-shaped and the ear and eye graphic accounts for nearly half of the overall logo. Additionally, the logo uses a vibrant baby blue instead of the diluted navy color from its previous logo. Also, the word "cable" now holds the same weight as the words "Time Warner," which could indicate the company is putting renewed focus on its cable offerings.

Based on the design changes, I feel that this is not a major rehaul of their logo but small enough to maybe make a difference in the branding.

Some other notes on the logo -

  • The new typeface uses a font based heavily on Stag Sans Round by Christian Schwartz
  • The national cable company worked with design agency The Brand Union, which is owned by WPP.

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