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Short Laloo Jokes

Once Laloo wanted to know the time difference between Bihar and Las Vegas. So he called up the Tourist department and asked them "Ji could you tell me the time difference between Patna and Las Begas...".
The man at the other end replies "One second sir..." and Laloo immediately replies "thank you" and puts the phone down.


Laloos family planning policy..   "Don't have more than two children in one year"


At a bar in New York, the man to Laloo's left tells the bartender,   "JOHNNIE WALKER, SINGLE." & the man's companion says, "JACK DANIELS, SINGLE." The bartender approaches Laloo and asks, "AND YOU, SIR?"  Laloo replies: "LALOO YADAV, MARRIED."


After having resigned as the CM of Bihar, Laloo decides to go modelling.

Once he enters the herd of buffaloes and resting his elbow on the back of the cattle he poses for a photograph. Next day the photo appears on the front page of a newspaper.


"Laloo, third from left!"

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