Ghati Jokes

Ghat jokes ( A little knowledge of Marathi might help )
Q :  What do you call a Maharashtrian in the U.S.?
A :  Western Ghat.

Q :  What does a Maharashtrian mean by "fast food"?
A :  Sabudana Khichdi.

Q :  What do you call a Maharashtrian who makes air-conditioners?
A :  Cool-karni.

Q :  What do you call a Maharashtrian whose father is missing?
A :  Ba-gul.

Q :  What would you call Urmila in the role of a monkey?
A :  Urmila MakkadTondkar.

Q :  Which is the highest office occupied by Maharashtrians in the U.S.A.?
A :  That of the Vice-President - Dan Quayle(Kale) & Al Gore. :

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Mumbai Jokes

Q :  How come the Bombay Ranji team has so many fast bowlers?
A :  West Indians are natural fast bowlers.

Q :  How do dogs in Dombivli (place near Bombay) wag their tails?
A :  Up & down. Because, they don't have enough space to wag sideways.

Q :  What did one tamarind in a sack tell its neighbour?
A :  "I feel as if I am travelling in a Bombay local". :

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Bengali Jokes

Q :  How does the Bong learn the alphabet?
A :  A for Orange, B for Bhegetable.... :

Q :  How does a Bong relax in the evening?
A :  He goes to the Howrah Breez to get some Brij. :

Q :  What does the Bong do first in the morning?
A :  After baking up from hees slip, he removes the bed-shit. :

Q: What did a Bengali voyeur say to another?
A: Keyhollo?

Q:  What do u call a firebrand Bong?
A: Gun-goli.

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Calcutta Jokes

Q :  What does a Calcuttan who has a lot of time do? And what
     does a hurrying Calcuttan do?
A :  The one with a lot of time takes some public
     transport(bus/tram). The Calcuttan in a hurry would walk.

Q :  Why are Metro commuters like Dawood Ibrahim?
A :  Because they are underground.

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Delhi Jokes

Q :  Red-line private buses are notorious for their recklessness
     and hit rate. When a red-line bus is on the road, which is
     the best place be in?
A :  Inside the bus.

Q:  Why is Delhi a male city (Maha Nagar) and Bombay a female city
    (Maha Nagri)?
A:  Because Delhi has Qutab Minar and Bombay has Gateway of India.

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Gujju Jokes

Why did the Gujju think the film Gandhi was about a woman?
Because Be(h)n Kingsley was in it.

A Gujju Business house?

Why did the Gujju go to Rome?
To listen to Pop(e) music.

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