If Sonia Gandhi became PM of India

Top Ten list ...If Sonia Gandhi becomes the Prime Minister....

        10.There will be branches of Olive Garden all over India
       and they will be called OZinda Bagicha!!

       9. Their only vegetarian dish will be Eggplant Parmesan and
        it will be called Anda-Pauda Parmeshwaran!!

       8. All Vadapav Gaadis and Stalls will be selling Pizza and

       7. India's National Sport will be - Ofcourse Soccer.

       6. Laloo will lose his position as the national animal and
        will be replaced by Jayalalitha!

        5. National vegetable-Zucchini

        4. There will be Pope John Paul's 'yearly' visit - twice
        every year!!

        3. Jahangir Art gallery will be renamed to "Michaelangelo's
       Confetti  house"!!

        2. Men in Indian Army will wear Mini Skirts!!

        And ...the number one thing that will happen if Sonia
        Becomes the Prime Minister of India is.....

       1.All Sindhi People will get promotions in their positions
        because she thinks they are all ITALIANS!! (Kotwani, Multani, Vaswani
       ......resemble Mussolini, Gianini, Benini etc.....*Kulkarni
        also have a fair chance*...)

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