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Cricket, Heaven and Hell

A very keen cricketer asked a divine, allegedly with good connections on high , whether there was any cricket in heaven .

The priest replied:"I cant tell you now , but if you come back on Sunday , I might have an answer . "

On sundaythe priest told the cricketer : "I've had good news and bad news . The good news is : Yes , there is cricket in heaven . And now for the bad news : You are in to bat on Friday !"

The Devils challenged the Angels to a game of cricket.

"But we've got all the cricketers," said the Angels.

"Yes. But we've got all the umpires!" exclaimed The Devils.

A cricket enthusiast died and went to hell. After a few days, the Devil came up to him and said, 'What do you feel like doing today? You can have anything you like.'

'Well,' said the cricketer, I can't think of nothing better than a game of cricket. Can we do that?'

'Certainly,' said the Devil, and off they went to get changed. They arrived at a beautiful pitch, and the batsman in his new gear took up a stance. Nothing happpened.

'Come on then,' he said to the Devil, 'bowl the first ball.'

'Ah, that's the Hell of it,' said the Devil. 'We haven't got any balls

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