The Broken Mirror

Kanjibhai and Ramjibhai were getting ready for the company awards dinner for the best salesman.

Kanjibhai was in the running to win an award that evening and wanted to make sure he looked his best when he claimed his prize.

He felt his luck was with him and was sure to win.

He stood in front of the mirror to fix his tie but the mirror was crooked, so he reached over to straighten it out and it came crashing down on the floor.

"Oh no," said Kanjibhai. "Now I am going to have seven years bad luck."

"Nonsense," said Ramjibhai. My uncle once broke a mirror and he didn't have seven years bad luck."

"Really?" said Kanjibhai, feeling much better knowing that.
"Yeah really," said Ramjibhai. "He died that day."

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