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Shirish Kunder SRK Slap Top Tweets


Shirish Kunder SRK Slap Top Tweets

On Jan 30th 2012, Twitterverse in India went crazy with tweets on the news that Shahrukh Khan had slapped Shirish Kunder. Shirish Who, you ask? Shirish Kunder is probably better known as the husband of Farah Khan and he is the creator of movies like Tees Maar Khan and Jaan-E-Man. Unfortunately for him, he will still be remembered as Farah Khan's husband or the guy SRK slapped. Here is a collection of some funny tweets I came across (with due credit)

@mohit_ak: So wait did Shirish Kunder say "thapad se dar nahi lagta sahib, farah khan se lagta he"  

@diogeneb: With his swollen face, Shirish Kunder will now come out with 'Being Hanuman' t-shirts  

@rameshsrivats SRK & Sanjay Dutt? Shirish Kunder must have been seeing stars.

@Joydas Shirish Kunder said something about Ra.One. In Response SRK MaRa.One

@Diggy_Singh So now Shirish Kunder and Sreesanth can get together and talk about how it felt like getting slapped by a more famous person :)

@CilemaSnob: After two back to back duds, Shirish Kunder finally has a Hit. Congrats. You have arrived!

@rameshsrivats I'm sure SRK just slapped in the air, close to Shirish Kunder's face, and loudly said, "dishoom".


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International Beer Day Desi Tweets #liquourmovies

International Beer Day Desi Tweets #liquourmovies

August 5th, 2011 was International Beer Day and it started a flurry of tweets in India with the hash tag #liquormovies with folks renaming popular Hindi movies into movies with an alcoholic theme.

@hussync_in - Bewde Bottle Le Jayenge Sanam

@vickasbindaas - Azab Daaru ka Gazab nasha.

@hussync_in - Kabhie Whiskey Kabhie Rumm!

@hussync_in - Peena Isika Naam Hai!

@amithpanchal - Bewda no. 1

@myth_vin - Beer Belly

@YogiBabaKamde - RumLao Jaan

@yashpgandhi - Hum hai rahi bar ke

More tweets below

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Indianised Musicians Tweets #IndianisedMusicians


In July 2011, someone started a hashtag for Indianized Musicians and this trend for most of the day. Here is a sampling of some of the better ones. I did not put any one that was just a literal translation to Hindi like "Kaam Par Aadmin (Men at Work)" as most of them were not really funny.

@GhantaGuy Bhootni Spears #IndianisedMusicians

@FarahSayyed Dubey Brothers

@govind16  Luda Krishna

@mehrzee  Mai ka Laal Jai kishan #IndianizedMusicians #IndianisedMusicians

@indumouly  Tony Bhanot. #IndianisedMusicians

@vjsub  Iyer Supply #IndianizedMusicians

@thetanmay lady ghagra #IndianizedMusicians

@RajneeshKapoor Lady Sasa Rere Gaga #IndianisedMusicians

@SlipperySadhoo: Lady ReRe & Lady MaMa. Shorter and taller versions of Lady GaGa respectively. #indianisedmusicians


@atulkasbekar 'Jhelo'. #IndianisedMusicians

@spydruler Backstreet Bai's #indianisedmusicians

@smellmyarmpits Dr. De, Arctic Maa Ki, Van Helen, Muthalika, Salim Dion #indianisedmusicians

@TheBigDowg Shaani Twain. #IndianisedMusicians

@dhonghi_baba: Vikram aur Beatles #indianisedmusicians

@rplusk_: Jagjeet Timberlake #Indianisedmusicians

@mehrzee: JagDeep Purple #IndianisedMusicians

@iam_a_myth: Pink Faluda #indianisedmusicians

@unfairandlovely Saxena Pistols

@PunsNProses Udas Priest #IndianisedMusicians

@AmusedDouche Paan Staind #IndianisedMusicians

@AmusedDouche Run BMC

@kickasswriter Elton Meri Jaan #IndianisedMusicians

@deathbypj Justin Babbar #IndianisedMusicians

@punkdrunkmonkey Saandgarden #IndianisedMusicians

I am mentioning the handles of the people who appeared to have posted the tweet.

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Fake National Film Awards

Fake National Film Awards

On May 19th 2011, the 58th National Film Awards were announced in India which sent the Twitter world abuzz with the results. Needless to say, it also sparked some funny tweets and a hashtag #FakeNationalAwards

@RJShrey Shiney Ahuja wins one for his home production "Maid In India".

Breaking: Poonam Pandey gets National KLPD Award

@JayKay Anu Malik wins one for original Sound Track for all his music last year. Pritam was given a complimentary prize

Kangana Ranaut wins national award for best dialogues in English.

Breaking: @udaychopra wins National Award for not releasing any movies this year.

Bipasha Basu wins one for her musical based on Amar-Ch(ar)itra Katha. Titled "Amar Sing'hahahaha".

Shahrukh khan wins best child actor award for My name is khan.

Mimoh Chakraborty wins one for haunting us in 3D. #FakeNationalAwards

S.M Krishna gets the National Award for best dialogue delivery in a foreign language.

Breaking: Sonakshi Sinha wins national award for best forehead that can be substituted for an aircraft runway.

Breaking: Katrina Kaif wins national award for best sex scene with a mango

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