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Bill Gates and Madhuri Dixit

If Bill Gates marries Madhuri Dixit;
these could be the caption in Newspapers:

  1. Bill goes Dhak-Dhak!
  2. English Babu Desi Mem.
  3. Brain marries Beauty!?
  4. Windows ke peechhe kya hai? Windows ke peechhe....!? Ooo Windows mein Bill hai mera...
  5. The next version of Windows will be "Windows MD."
  6. Microsoft Mouse V/S Madhuri - the cat.
  7. Relax guys! they'll only go for a virtual honeymoon.
  8. Bill to count his millions & billions in EK, DO, TEEN..
  9. Gate for Bill, Windows for M.F.Hussain
  10. Mera Bill ghar aaya O Hussainji, Mera...
  11. Mera bill bhee kitna pagal hai...
  12. Bill Will, Gates Wates... Main kya jaanu re... !

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